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Ego Manufacturing Group: Built From Start To Finish

Ego manufacturing group provides custom metal fabrication for a variety of industrial groups. Based in Shanghai, China, we serve business throughout the nation and many other countries in the world. We are a metal manufacturer, providing high-quality steel, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel components through our use of cutting edge technology to enssure your order is produced to high accuracy and delivered on-time. Our metal fabrication shop is one of the best in China, and we have the best certified engineers, allowing us to provide our clients with the custom metal manufacturing meet or exceed their requirements.

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Lower installation costs, timeline efficiency and consistent quality management. Always to customer specifications, we provide complete layout, manufacturing and assembly for your industrial metal fabrication projects as well as controlled conditions and material protection for delicate requirements.

Structural Fabrication

Our advanced 3D technology & high level production capability enable us to give our customers:
Detailed drawings(CAD, 3D), Speciality advise of assembly, positive communication of in production, packing & shipping suggestions.

Steel Fabrication

We can promise: On-time delivery, on budget and with the quality you expect.
Quality is of paramount importance, which is why our work is rigorously inspected before and after fabrication. A complete range of steel sections can be supplied, fabricated by our skilled metalworkers and welders to meet your specific requirements.

Plate Fabrication

All sections can be cut to size and can be drilled, plated and delivered in a finish to meet your specific requirement.
Our services include: aircraft; medical; entertainment; electronics; environmental; architectural; semi-conductor; pharmaceutical; transportation and construction, and many more.

Development of Ego Fabrication Facility

Laser cutting & Turret punching
Welding & Bending
Quality Finish
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